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Why Homeopathic Treatment is helpful?

Why Homeopathic Treatment is helpful?

Homeopathy is a method of curing the suffering of a person by the direction of a drug which has been experimentally proven to the power of producing similar suffering in healthy human being.

In homeopathy there is a law, “Similia similibus curentur” – “Like cures Like”.

Homeopathy accepts the concept of biological whole and not any single particular organ being diseased individually. Because, none of the above organs like kidney, liver, or brain have their separate existence in the body and work harmoniously together. Our aim should be not to treat a single organ but to treat the whole body or the interior of man.

In homeopathy, treatment of the patient is done on the basis of totality of symptoms with most similar remedy, whatever may be the term for their disease condition. E.g.-  ten cases of enlargement of liver may require ten different remedies. When the patient comes to our clinic and tells us their symptoms (both physical and mental symptoms) like say there is a lump stuck in the upper portion of abdomen, we have particular medicine for these symptoms in homeopathy depending on the cause of problem and associated symptoms.

In homeopathy, there are vast number of medicines for all type of symptoms like fear, anxiety, yielding, anger, and physical symptoms. Homeopathic medicine proving is done on healthy human being from whom we get pure and accurate effect of medicine. This helps to cure the natural disease on basis of symptoms similarity otherwise if the drug used is of opposite nature to his disease, it shall bring temporary relief only.

Homeopathy is a safe and reliable method of treatment.

It is made by natural substance which is free from side effects. They can be used by people of all age groups.

Homeopathy can cure all kind of diseases. Taking example of Asthma, in homeopathy, there are many medicines for asthma. Asthma with anger after – chamamilla, asthma, aggravate in cold air – lobelia, arginilium, bronchial asthma – Blatta O Senega. Homeopathy recognizes the individuality of each patient or case. It doesn’t treat disease. It treats patients. In One word, it is individualization. For E.g. suppose two patients are suffering from acute lobarpneumonia but one patient is hot and other is chilly. A single medicine prescribed o nthe common symptoms of pneumonia cannot cover the individuality of both the patient, and fail to properly cure. No two men are alike in this world. Susceptibility varies from person to person. Different patients have different disease picture. The exact character of the disease varies from patient to patient while suffering from the same disease. They require individualization for the treatment.

Homeopathy medicine proving’s are done on healthy human being not on the animals due to following disadvantage:-

  • Mental symptoms cannot be studied on the animal
  • Animal cannot give any kind of modalities which is necessary for the differentiation of drugs
  • Even the action of the same drug varies from one species to other

Homeopathy is a safe medicine. There is no side effect of homeopathy, if you are taking medicine under doctor guidance. Homeopathy medicine is chemical free medicine and activates the immune system. It can treat acute and chronic diseases both. Medicine is easy to take for all ages.

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