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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

PCOS Overview

Imbalance in women’s hormone levels, irregularity of menstruation cycles cause prolonged cycles or excessive bleeding due to excessive production of some hormones and less production of some hormones leads to PCOS and can lead to infertility due to lack of ovulation.

Most women in their childbearing age suffer from these problems, skipped cycles, irregular periods, excessive bleeding, acne, growth of unwanted hair, unable to conceive are some of the major issues faced due to PCOS.

Although various factors are contributing to PCOS that include excessive body weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. Genetic factors also contribute to a major role in PCOS.

PCOS Symptoms

 PCOS Symptoms

  1. Prolonged or infrequent menstruation.
  2. Increased levels of the male hormone(androgen).
  3. Excessive pain during cycles.
  4. Weight gain.
  5. Irregular sleep cycle.
  6. Stress, anxiety, and depression lead to behavioral disorders.
  7. High blood pressure or type 2 diabetes.
  8. Hirsutism (excessive hair growth or unwanted hair).
  9. Acne and oily skin.
  10. Infertility due to regular ovulation.
  11. Excessive bleeding during cycles.
Homeopathic Treatment of PCOS at Dr. Chhabra


  1. Diabetes.
  2. Stress/ anxiety can cause the endocrine system to overwork and cause various problems like PCOS.
  3. A dietary pattern can lead to excessive body weight.
  4. Excessive levels of androgen.
  5. Genetic factors.

Homeopathic Treatment of PCOS at Dr. Chhabra

At Dr. Chhabra, we believe in tailoring treatment according to one’s mental and physical health. Remedies are well selected by a team of doctors. Many factors contribute to the selection of medicines like stress, anxiety, depression(both mentally and physically), etc.

Improving the efficiency of ovaries is the foremost thing and parallel symptoms like male pattern facial hair growth, irregular menses, acne, obesity, hair fall, stress, excessive bleeding, maintain hormonal imbalance, with immediate effect of medicines intake.

The most beneficial part of homeopathic treatment is it cures the patient as a whole, not just the disease.

There are no side effects of homeopathy treatment.