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Paralysis is a loss or weakness of the muscle functions in any part of our body.

Paralysis can be partial or complete, localized, or generalized. It happens when there is something wrong with the passageway between the muscles and the brain.

Mostly it appears due to weak nervous system.

Any kind of obstruction created by hemorrhage or injury impact in the passage of the nervous system supplying a signal from the brain to the organ leads to paralysis of that part of the body.

Types of Paralysis

As paralysis can be localized or generalized, it is further divided into 4 types according to the appearance of the paralyzed sight of the body or symptoms.

  • Generalized Paralysis:
  1. Monoplegia – Affects only one single part of our body like one arm, one leg paralysis.
  2. Hemiplegia – Affects one side of the whole body which covers both the upper and lower one side so it can be right-side paralysis or left side paralysis.
  3. Paraplegia – Affects both the lower legs or lower extremities.
  4. Quadriplegia or Tetraplegia – Affects both upper as well as lower extremities like both arm, hands, legs, and feet.
  • Localized Paralysis:
  1. Bell’s Palsy – It comes under localized paralysis. It occurs when there is a sudden loss of strength in muscles on one half of the face. So there is the one-sided dropping of facial expressions. Can cause many effects such as slurred speech, lack of tongue movement, unable to hold any eatables in mouth, etc.
Homeopathic Treatment of Paralysis at Dr. Chhabra


Mostly caused due to damage in the nervous system.

  • Brain stroke.
  • Blockage of an artery in the brain or neck.
  • Traumatic injury of the brain.
  • Accidental injury of the spinal cord.
  • The sudden rise of blood pressure (Hypertension).
  • The weakness of the muscle eventually causes paralysis.
  • Multiple sclerosis of arteries.
  • Spina Bifida – A medical condition in which the spinal vertebra unable to maintain the curvature of the spine due to abnormal knots of nerves and arteries on the spine.
  • Nerve Injury – It can appear after accidents, instrumental delivery of the child.
  • Head injury.
  • Toxins, Poisons.
  • Diabetes.
  • Brain Tumor.
  • Brain Hemorrhage.

Effects on Body and Different Organs

  • Lose muscle control and feeling sensation slowly.
  • Unable to walk sometimes difficulty in walking.
  • Unable to hold something with hands.
  • Difficulty in speaking.
  • Lose or diminished vision of an eye.
  • Unable to chew the food.
  • Sometimes loss of sensation in taste buds.
  • Tingling and numbness of muscles.
  • Cramps in muscles.
  • Behaviour & Mood changes.
  • Loss of urine and bowel control
  • Problem with blood flow, breathing, and heart rate.


  • Exercise.
  • Avoid alcohol: Regular habit of drinking increases the risk of paralysis.
  • Having healthy diet patterns.
  • Loose weight: Overweight is one of the reasons which increase the risk factor of some medical condition which comes with a higher risk of paralysis.
  • Lower blood pressure: High blood pressure is the biggest reason for paralysis.
  • Reduce the intake of salt.
  • Avoid high cholesterol foods.
  • By quitting smoking.
  • By treating atrial fibrillation because it is a form of irregular heartbeat that causes clots. So, that clot can move towards the brain and producing a stroke or paralysis.

When to See a Doctor – 

When a person feels sudden weakness, loss of control in muscles of any part of the body. ( One should not delay meeting a doctor ).

Homeopathic Treatment of Paralysis at Dr. Chhabra

Treatment is important to prevent further worsening of paralysis.

In some cases of paralysis with partial or complete loss of control muscles, it can be treated if a person takes early treatment on the other hand people can go with some rehabilitation treatment along with the medicines which help recover.

Some of the rehabilitation treatments are:

  • Physiotherapy.
  • Mobility aids.
  • Supportive devices.
  • Occupational therapies.

Homeopathic has a great approach to the treatment of paralysis. Homeopathy has drugs that can dissolve the clots which are in the case causing an obstruction. It can reduce the fluid retention that is obstructing the nerve route. It can help regulate the blood flow in small capillaries and helps in healing the damaged part.

Homeopathic treatment is the best and safe treatment for paralysis because our medicine acts at the level of the nervous system and helps in the conduction of the signal impulses from nerves to muscles. So it helps in regaining muscle strength.

Homeopathic medicines help in improving blood circulation. The power of muscle helps in controlling the loss of power.