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What is Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a disorder that comes with problems in communication and social interaction. This is a developmental disorder that affects both physically as well as mentally.

It begins in early childhood stages with the impairment of the behavioral issues.

The nervous system is impacted by autism. It is also known as a spectrum disorder because there is a wide variation in the type of symptoms.


  • Autistic disorder.
  • Asperger’s syndrome.
  • Pervasive development disorder.


The exact cause is still unknown, and there’s no single cause.

Some of them are – 

  1. Genetic mutations.
  2. Being born to older parents.
  3. Having a history of autism in family history.
  4. Metabolic imbalances.
  5. History of viral infections to mothers during pregnancy. Eg. Rubella virus.
  6. Exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins.
  7. Malnourished, low birth bodyweight.
  8. Fetal exposure to medications for a long time.


  • Difficulty in communication comes with difficulty in sharing emotions, interests, or speaking.
  • Difficulties in developing and maintaining relationships.
  • The problem in social interactions, unable to face social activities.
  • Behavioral issues or disturbance.
  • Abnormal pitch or tone of voice.
  • Delay in learning or speaking.
  • Abnormal body posture.
  • Abnormal facial expressions.
  • Lack of understanding.
  • Repetitive words or movements.
  • Self-abusive behavior.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Inappropriate social interactions.
  • Mentally retarded.
  • Unable to perform even his work or activities.

When to See a Doctor

A child with autism shows some signs of delayed development physically and mentally before the age of 2 yrs.

So if there are delayed episodes of child growth then it is important to contact the doctor.

Some signs are – 

  • No response for sound.
  • No expressions like a smile.
  • Inappropriate posture.
  • Abnormal behavioral activities.

Risk Factors

  1. Family History- Having a history of autism child in the family has more risk.
  2. Child’s Sex- Male child is more prone to autism than a female child.
  3. Preterm Babies- Babies born before 26 weeks of gestation period may have more risk of autism spectrum disorder.
  4. Parent’s Age- Older the age of parents higher the risk of the autistic child.

Homeopathic Treatment of Autism at Dr. Chhabra

There is a vast scope for the treatment of autism in homeopathy. As homeopathy is the holistic system of medicine.

So homeopathically treatment for autism is done by the individualization of the patient and symptomatically.

As per treatment, the patient’s hyper overactivity will calm down and on the other hand emotional factors too develop in the patient.

If a patient carries the family history or genetically transmission of the disease there are some medicines that can help in recovering the factors behind the genetic code.