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Overview of Eye Cancer

Mutation in the cells of an eye can cause eye cancer. It is the most beautiful part of our body, as it captures the outside world. Eye cancer is very difficult to diagnose at an early stage. The most common type of eye cancer is melanoma. Mostly aged people develop this type of cancer. People with a family history of cancer or atypical moles are at greater risk. Although early detection is difficult if one is vigilant enough to minor change it helps in early detection and treatment.

This can occur anywhere on the eyelid, eyeball, lymphatic system adjoining eyes, tear glands, orbit tissue, etc.

Types of Eye Cancer

Some major types are: 

  1. Intraocular: Age factor or a fair skin tone generally contributes to intraocular eye cancer. In this case, cancer starts within the eye.
  2. Melanoma: Melanin is a substance that gives color to our skin. Melanin-producing cells are present in the eyes. The mutation causes melanoma. A change in size, shape, or color of an eye is an early sign of melanoma. It is also called ocular melanoma.
  3. Retinoblastoma: It is mostly found in children. As the name suggests, the retina is the major portion involved, which detects light and color.
Symptoms of Eye Cancer

 What are the Symptoms of Eye Cancer?

  1. An unhealed wound due to injury.
  2. Sudden change in size or shape of the eyeball.
  3. Coloured or some dark patches appear.
  4. A tumor-like formation on the eyelid needs a doctor’s attention.
  5. Itching or pain in the eye.
  6. Excessive eye tears without any reason.
  7. A sensation of some object in front which is not present.
  8. Irritation in eyeball without any cause.
  9. Swelling due to unknown reasons.

 What Causes Eye Cancer?

  1. Exposure to industrial waste products.
  2. Environmental pollution.
  3. Injury.
  4. Overmedication.
  5. Overuse of cosmetic products.
  6. Lighter eye color.
  7. DNA mutation.
  8. Exposure to sunlight.
  9. Exposure to UV radiation.


  1. USG.
  2. PET-CT.
  3. Biopsy.
  4. Angiogram.
  5. OCT – Optical Coherence Tomography.
  6. Blood Tests.
  7. MRI.
 Eye Cancer Diagnosis and treatment

Homeopathic Treatment of Eye Cancer at Dr. Chhabra

Dr. Chhabra clinic believes in “Tailoring Treatment” according to one’s physical and psychological factors.

We believe that stress, anxiety, emotional factors are all equally responsible with physical factors to induce disease in the body.

Enhancing one’s immune system to fight with already developed cancer cells or any induced diseases and restricting the future development of disease with homeopathy medicines are not only side effects free but also reduces the already produced side effects of other diseases.

Nausea, vomiting, weakness, pain, swelling, indigestion, low appetite, anemia are some of the major situations patients suffer which are very well managed parallelly with the treatment of cancer cells mutation.

Diet patterns are suggested varying from person to person.

We also work on the eradication of side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal treatment, etc.

The good news is that one can start homeopathic treatment at Dr. Chhabra parallelly with chemo, radiation, hormonal therapies, and target specific drugs.

There are great chances that after proper treatment a patient will not develop the same disease in the future.