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Cancer is a serious disease in which the malignant cells accumulate or grow to form a cancerous tumor or a mass inside the brain.

Some tumors formed of non-cancerous cells are the benign tumors.

It directly affects the brain function like memory, sensation, movement of muscle control along with other body functions.

The brain is a central organ that controls other organs & the functional system of our body.


DNA mutation in the brain cells allows the formation of a mass or a tumor of malignant cells. So it is because of the abnormal cell growth in the tissue of the brain.


  1. Family history: firstly if a person has a history of Brain Cancer in parents then he will be at high risk of having brain cancer.
  2. Exposure from chemical industries: Prolong exposure to the chemical industry can lead to this.
  3. Trauma: The previous history of untreated trauma of the brain later can appear in the form of brain cancer.
  4. Exposure to pesticides or insecticides.
  5. Smoking.
  6. Prolong radiation exposure.
  7. Exposure to carcinogenic chemicals.

Brain Cancer Symptom


  1. Persistent vertigo.
  2. long time complaint of nausea.
  3. Vomiting.
  4. Headache.
  5. Weak memory.
  6. Difficulty in walking.
  7. Difficult or lack of coordination and balance while walking.
  8. Abnormal vision.
  9. Speech trouble.
  10. Personality changes.
  11. Twitching and sudden jerking muscles.
  12. Drowsiness.
  13. Seizures.
  14. Loss of sensation.
  15. Numbness.
  16. Loss of appetite.
  17. Weight loss with weakness.

Homeopathic Treatment of Brain Cancer at Dr. Chhabra

Homeopathy has a vast scope in the treatment of Brain cancer. Homeopathic medicines help in controlling the growth of the cancer cell in the Brain. 

We have such a selection of homeopathic medicines which helps the patients to boost up the immune system so that patient will be able to fight against the bad cells.

Homeopathy medicines recover the state of mind and physical health hazards because of cancer these medicines stop the further growth of the cancer cells and keep safe the individual from the side effects of cancer.

Homeopathic medicine can be taken along with conventional treatment as well as these medicines remove the side effects of the other treatment.

Homeopathic medicines help the brain cancer patient by trying to keep them safe from the abnormal symptoms like seizures, vomiting, vertigo, and headaches.

Even homeopathic medicine boosts the appetite of the person and helps in eradicating the pain of cancer