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Mouth Cancer Overview

Mouth Cancer is a kind of oral cancer that can occur anywhere on the soft pallet, hard pallet, tongue, lips cheeks, tonsils, gums, or jawline. Generally, Cancer can be term as an abnormal unstoppable growth or division of cells present anywhere in the body.

Oral health is one of the most important factors that cause mouth cancer are many external factors such as sexually transmitted virus untreated cavities present in teeth excessive use of narcotic products but parallelly there are internal factors that can cause mouth cancer one of the major sources can be the family history or we can say the genetic factor.

Mouth Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Some basic symptoms are listed below which can’t be ignored. Although there are a lot more factors which should be kept in mind and which are examined by a professional.

  • Hardness is a soft pallet.
  • The frequent appearance of ulcers.
  • Unhealed wound.
  • Unknown cause of bleeding from jaw or gums.
  • Slurred speech.
  • Spots or patches inlining of mouth.
  • Pain or feeling of nausea while food or water intake.
  • Pain in gums, neck, ear, throat which is not subsiding.
  • Growth of unknown structure inside the mouth.
Mouth Cancer Causes by Dr. Chhabra healthcare mohali


  • Genetic factor.
  • Overuse of Tobacco(smoking).
  • Overuse of Narcotic products.
  • Excessive use of Alcohol.
  • Sexually transmitted virus.
  • Mouth cancer which metatised from some other part of the body.
  • Exposure to industrial waste.
  • Excessive self-medication.
  • Weakened immune system.

Causes can be external products or things which we eat, smoke, or get exposed to, on the other hand, there are internal causes that can cause mouth(oral) cancer. A person who knows that he had a family history of mouth cancer has manifested fear of getting cancer in the future. This fear directs our endocrine system to produce such hormones that affect our immune system directly and leads to diseases in the future. So, long term stress can be one of the causes of having any kind of disease.


Although in most cases external factors play a major role.

  • Avoiding products with tobacco.
  • Avoiding alcohol consumption.
  • Maintaining oral health by regular checkups.

Internal factors also play a major role in mouth cancer. Our endocrine system behaves the way our mind processes things. So, avoiding stress, managing anxiety helps in preventing the release of stress hormones that prevent us from cancer.

Mouth Cancer at Dr. Chhabra homeopath

Homeopathy Treatment of Mouth Cancer at Dr. Chhabra

  • The first and foremost thing homeopathy does is to reduce the speed of growth of cancer cells. Either it can be Mouth cancer or any other kind of cancer in our body.
  • Patient’s mental status ( anxiety level, stress level, emotional strength or weakness, anger levels, rigidity or flexibility in nature) all these factors are taken into account, and medicine is selected accordingly to stop the reoccurrence and to direct the endocrine system to behave in such way that it produces such hormones and chemicals which enhances the body’s self-healing capacity to fight with cancer cells.
  • Homeopathy believes that the body behaves in a way mind manifests. A person having positive thinking of getting cured will heal better and fast as compared to a person having a negative thought process.
  • There are 90% chances that the reoccurrence of oral cancer never occurs once a person has gone through a proper channel of homeopathy treatment.
  • One can start homeopathic treatment along with chemo, radiation, or any other kind of cancer treatment.
  • Treatment with homeopathy is long-lasting and without any side effects.

When to see a doctor?

There are a couple of factors that can’t be ignored, first and foremost can be unhealed wounds in the mouth which is not being able to heal itself for weeks. Mouth ulcers that occur frequently can not be ignored. Poor hygiene which leads to cavities, bleeding or pus formation needs proper medical attention.

Symptoms that are appearing lead to cancer but a doctor’s view don’t need to become important for a safer future. Regular monitoring of dental and oral health is very much necessary for everyone.