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How Homeopathy Medicine is good for muscle cramps?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which is very holistic in nature. The goal of homeopathy is to focus on the cause of a disease rather than curing the symptoms. In homeopathy, there are no side effects. Apart from treatment, homeopathic remedies also help to improve you overall.

How Homeopathy Medicine is good for muscle cramps?

In Homeopathy, there are many medicines for muscle cramps. Some important medicines for muscle cramps –

  • Colocynthis – muscle and tendons feel too short. Cramp like pain in hip joint.
  • Cuprum metallium – cramps in calves, twitching of muscles.
  • Rhustox – Crawling sensation in tip of finger. Numbness feel after over work.
  • Mag Phos – It is a anti-spasmodic remedy. General muscular weakness present.

In homeopathy, different type of medicines for different type of symptoms e.g. Cramps after exertion – Mag Phos; Cramps in legs, calves while walking – Calcarea phos, Anac. Like this, many more symptoms with different medicines.

Homeopathy is good in all kind of muscle cramps. Dysmenorrhoea, leg cramps, thigh cramps, palm cramps, etc.

In Dysmenorrhoea, female suffer from menstruation cramps every month and took day off from office. In homeopathy, dysmenorrhea like abdominal cramps, thigh cramps have many remedies and there are no side effects of homeopathic medicines if you are taking medicines under doctor’s observation.

Sign of improvement – A great degree of comfort

  • Increased calmness
  • No appearance of new symptoms
  • None of the old symptoms are worse.

Homeopathic medicine is good for muscle cramps, when the physician investigate each case as a fresh case without any preconception. The totality of symptoms and medicine should be selected on the basis of that totality of symptoms in each and every case.

Patient should take dietary supplements as well as medicines.

  • In muscle cramps, drinking plenty of water may reduce some kind of discomfort
  • Drink coconut water
  • Eat more foods high in magnesium and vitamin

In leg cramps, there is sharp pain for a few seconds or minutes, to manage this kind of log cramps – stand with your feet flat on the floor, press down firmly. Wear comfortable shoes. Massage the calves muscle and take homeopathy medicines for permanent relief.

Homeopathy treatment of muscle pain / cramps depends on the symptoms of the person, along with that doctors also consider the patients physical and mental traits and the tendencies to suffer from specific problems. Homeopathy offers natural remedies that are free of side effects and is particularly beneficial to those who cannot take pain killers.

Homeopathic medicines should be taken after consulting a doctor who will prescribe you, the remedies based on your disease condition, mental and physical constitution.

Several homeopathic medicines are useful in treating muscle cramps and its associated symptoms.

Homeopathic Medicine for Muscle Cramps

Dysmenorrhoea: Caulophyllum and Magphos are both good in Dysmenorrhea

Calf Muscle Cramps: Lactic acid and Cuprum Met. are good in calf muscle cramps

Shoulder Pain: Chelidonium and FerrumPhos are both good in shoulder pain.

Knee Pain: Angustra and Belladona are both good in knee pain.

Ankle Pain: Natrum Carb is good in ankle pain

Sciatica Pain: Lac can and Mag Phos are good in sciatica pain.

Kindly Consult Homeopathic doctor before any taking of homeopathic medicine.

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