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What is Lung Cancer?

It is also known as lung carcinoma. Lung cancer is the most common form of cancer nowadays.

Lung cancer is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of the abnormal cells of the lung, which forms abnormal structures or tumors in the lungs called a malignant lung tumor.

So it occurs within the cell or tissues of the lungs. Sometimes when the tumor growth spreads beyond the lungs to the nearby tissues or other organs of the body, then it is turned into metastasized cancer.

Lungs are the spongy organs of our body that help in inhaling the oxygen and exhaling the carbon dioxide.

The main leading cause of lung cancer is smoking as smokers are more prone to lung cancer.

What are the Symptoms?

  1.  Difficult breathing.
  2.  Chest pain.
  3.  Weight loss.
  4.  Appetite loss.
  5.  Headache.
  6.  Bone pain.
  7.  Frequent coughs sometimes cough with mucus.
  8.  Vomiting of blood with chest pain.
  9.  Frequent chest pain.
  10.  Wheezing sound from the chest.
  11.  Difficulty in swallowing the food.
  12.  Feeling of weakness.
  13.  Fluid in the chest.

What are the Causes?

  1.  Smoking.
  2.  Air pollution.
  3.  Family history.
  4.  Untreated lung infection.
  5.  Long-term radiation exposure.
  6.  Exposure to hazardous chemicals or gases.
  7.  Passive smoking.
  8.  Ignored chest injuries.

Types of lung cancer

Lung cancer is divided into two types of cancer, which is based on the appearance of cells of the lungs.

  1. Small cell lung cancer: It occurs in heavy chain smokers.
  2. Non-small cell lung cancer: It involves several types of cancer according to the appearance of the site.
    • Adenocarcinomas: It comes with the outer or side(peripheral) area of the lungs which involves the lymph nodes.
    • Squamous cell carcinoma: Squamous cell carcinoma arises most frequently in the bronchi of the chest area.
    • Large cell carcinoma: this type of cancer has a high tendency towards spread to the other organ or lymph node.
Precautions of Lung Cancer by Dr. Chhabra

Prevention and Precautions:

  1. Stop smoking.
  2. Avoid passive smoking.
  3. Eat a healthy food diet of green vegetables and fruit.
  4. Having a daily exercise or good workout.
  5. By avoiding the carcinogens at the workplace.

When to see your doctor

When there is an uncontrollable cough, which is difficult to clear even after a long treatment, if the patient suffers from blood vomiting and if smoking is difficult to quit. 

Risk factors

Many factors may increase the risk of lung cancer. Some of the risk factors can be controlled, if we are aware of them.

  1. Smoking: By avoiding smoking we can lower the risk of developing lung cancer.
  2. Exposure to poisonous gases: Radon gas – It is produced by the natural breakdown of uranium with rock, water, and soil, so as it is a part of the air.
  3. Family history: This is one of the biggest risk factors for cancer. So to avoid such conditions we can make a schedule of regular checkups.
  4. Exposure to secondary or passive smoke: Passive smoke is a risk factor for cancer, it can increase the chance of lung cancer to the people who don’t smoke.

Methods of diagnosis

  1. Imaging test:
    • Chest X-ray: To reveal the nodule or abnormal mass lesion in the lungs.
    • MRI.
  2. Sputum test: It is done to reveal the cancer cell in sputum.
  3. Tissue culture: This is done by taking pieces of tissue from the abnormal mass growth or cancer suspected sight.
  4. PET scan: It is the advanced test, done to know about the stage of cancer like is it metatised or not. It is done to find out the exact locations of lung cancer in our body.
Homeopathic Treatment of Lung Cancer at Dr. Chhabra

Homeopathic Treatment of Lung Cancer at Dr. Chhabra

Homeopathic treatment for lung cancer is safe and most reliable for the mental and physical health of the cancer patient.

Our homeopathic medicines at Dr. Chhabra can be taken with other conventional treatment, these medicines can help in removing the side effects of the other conventional treatment like chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

With the help of our treatment patients, the immune system boosts up and it can prevent further deterioration of the health of cancer patients.

Weakness, hair loss, loss of body weight, loss of appetite can be treated remarkably with the homeopathic treatment at Dr. Chhabra.

Cough, mucus, bleeding, oxygen saturation levels in the blood, swelling, and many other complications faced by patients can be managed with the out treatment.